... even the longest journey starts with one small step.


My “journey” started the day I decided to leave my office job to dedicate myself fully to running my grandparents’ farm along with my father, mother and sister. It was the beginning of a long and fascinating odyssey: into the roots and traditions of our land, the culture and history of our region, the richness of nature, the magic of a landscape, the simple joys that are part of a healthy life;  the colours, the fragrances, the flavours, the poetry, and the infinite emotions that can come from the fruits of the earth combined with the work of man; a voyage made up of curiosity, discovery, enthusiasm, love, enormous passion and immense fulfillment.This is my invitation to join us on our journey, even if only briefly, so that you can cherish the memory of the genuine, unique experience that they call… Tuscany!    


                                                                                                                              Simone Tognetti    



Over 300km of road suitable for racing bikes, over 50kms of paths and trails for mountain bikes. Detailed description of the itinerary and maps which can be downloaded in gpx. or kml. format.

Guided tours and bike rental.